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User manual version 2.o Print
Sunday, 30 December 2012

Orienteering Simulator user manual

This short manual describes how to play Orienteering Simulator - Suunnistussimulaattori.


Release 2.o - User manual updated 20th January 2013

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Quickstart (to a local game)

Before you can start playing Suunnistussimulaattori game you have to activate it with an activation key (not needed with DEMO version). Your personal activation key is included into your Suunnistussimulaattori 2.o International delivery email. If you have lost your key, please query it here. When you have your activation key ready, you can input it into game settings (Edit | Settings in game main menu, toggle lock button to enable/disable activation key fields).

Steps to play a local game:

  1. You always need to select an orienteer character to play. There are four fixed characters in Suunnistussimulaattori. You can't delete those characters and can't play online games with fixed characters.
  2. Select terrain from a combobox. With the DEMO version you can play only in terrains that are included to installation.
  3. Select course of terrain you want to play.
  4. Click 'To Start' button.

If you check training mode in the main screen you can practise orienteering on any leg of the selected course. You can also choose if you want to use compass and control descriptions. Notice that if you chose to use GPS aid your running speed will decrease dramatically. If you want to do night orienteering, you can select NightO checkbox. Note that all the selections are not necessarily always available. The course setter can decide what selections the player can do. Course setter can also force weather conditions to a course.

NOTE! Punching is required at controls and finish.

Running speed

 Basespeed min/km
Roads, paved or gravel base 2.45
Paths 3.00
Field, meadow, open area 3.00
Bare rock 3.25
Path on marsh 3.45
Open forest 4.10
Forect 4.30
Tree cut 4.55
Indistinct marsh 4.55
Marsh 5.15
Young forest 5.15
Sandy ground 5.15
Open marsh 9.00
Water, yard area, uncrossable marsh/swamp, cultivated land or any other prohibided or uncrossable area450

Undergrowth, slow running

67 % running speed
Forest, slow running

67 % running speed

Forest, difficult to run 45 % running speed
Stony ground 75 % running speed
Narrow ride 110% running speed

Other factors that affect the speed of the running

Map reading

A quick glance at the map doesn't affect to running speed at all but longer you look at the map slower yout running speed gets.


Decreases running speed exponentially, 45 degrees is impossible to climb.


Increaser the speed linearly until 10 degrees. After that the speed slows down so, that running 20 degree downhill is as fast as running on flat surface. After that the speed slows down linearly so that it is impossible run a downhill deeper than 45 degrees.


Can't run trough bolders, buildings, vehicles etc. Trees and other big vegetation slows down the running speed a bit and gives a small adjustment to running direction. The same applies to small stones. Crossing a watercourse also slows down the speed unless you cross it using a path.

Looking right/left while running

If view angle is more than 20 degrees starts to decrease the speed linearly. Doesn't slow down the speed more than 80 percent.

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Game controls

You can play Suunnistussimulaattori without a mouse but using mouse is highly recommended.

  • Run forward: mouse left button or up arrow
  • Turn left: mouse to left or left arrow
  • Turn right: mouse to right or right arrow
  • Look up: mouse up or Q key
  • Look down: mouse down or Z key
  • Free view: mouse right button or Left Control key
  • Compass: K key, rotate needle case using keys H and J
  • Show map: M key
  • Zoom close to map: N key
  • Rotate map right: right mouse button and mouse right or U key
  • Rotate map left: right mouse button and mouse left or Y key
  • Punch at control: Space key
  • Show control sheet: , key
  • Show e-card: L key
  • Show FPS: F key

You can customize control keys of the game in settings.

Gamepad controls

  • Select = ESC
  • Start = ENTER 
  • Running and turning with left joystick
  • Looking around with right joystick
  • Left 1 button: map, when visible use right joystick to rotate
  • Left 2 button: zoomed map (not slowing down anymore than non-zoomed map)
  • Right hand buttons for thumb: punch, ecard compass
  • Right 1 button: continue running view direction
  • Right 2 button: speed up turning

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Before adjusting any settings, please try the game with the original settings. 

If you get poor fps (less than 20 all the time, to see press key F during the game) when playing the game you can adjust settings more suitable to your system for example by decreasing display resolution and environment view distances and vegetation. Select Edit | Settings from the main menu of the game.

Suunnistussimulaattori doesn't update faster than 40 fps. If you get solid 40 (or near) all the time, you can adjust settings to get better display resolution, better graphics quality and increase visibility. If you don't have very, very powerful graphics card, don't use Anti-aliasing or at least use modest settings (level 4 = best performance).

There are some pre-defined settings you can select from Settings by system combobox. 

You can also customize control keys of the game, click 'Control settings' button on settings screen.

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Create and license a character

Howto create 

  1. Select 'Edit | Orienteer characters' from main window menu.
  2. Click 'New'
  3. Fill in information marked with a red label.
  4. Click 'Save'

NOTE! If you want to license your character, you should use your own full name as a character name. That is a common practise among VirtuO Event participants. Character name is globally unique, so please don't just use a short nickname or you might not be able to license your character.

Howto license (get VirtuO license)

  1. Open your character 'Edit | Orienteer characters' and select your character name by a doubleclick.
  2. Make sure that you have a valid email address filled in, you need that address to receive your license.
  3. Click 'Get license'
  4. Wait until you receive a licensing confirmation email. This should not take more than a few minutes. IMPORTANT! If you don't receive confirmation email, please check your mail program's junk mail first. If it's not there, please wait for an hour. Creating a new request doesn't help. If you still don't have your confirmation email in your mailbox or junk mail, please contact This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .
  5. Click confirmation link included into your confirmation email message. A page with your license information will open. You will also receive your license information by email.
  6. Input your characters license number (included in license information you received)
  7. Input your characters security token (included in license information you received)
  8. Click 'Save'

NOTE! Your license is valid until the end of the current VirtuO season. That is until the end of July. After July you have to renew your license for the next season. License renewal is free of charge.

You can all the time check what information about your character is stored into server. Open your character information form, click 'Check info' and send request. You'll get your information on server as response. If you want to update your character information on server, please click 'Update information' on your character information form. Currently visible information will be updated to server when you submit your request.

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Online gaming

Online gaming is not enabled with DEMO version of Suunnistussimulaattori. There are several online gaming areas for Suunnistussimulaattori. With DEMO version you are able to browse the content of these areas but are not allowed to participate. If you want to participate Suunnistussimulaattori online games, please purchase your copy of full version of Suunnistussimulaattori International from Suunnistussimulaattori Store.

You can play VirtuO Events with the full version of the game. Current season is 2012-13 and you need an orienteer character with valid VirtuO license to participate VirtuO Events. Ranking scores will be calculated for every event of ongoing season. Note that all dates and times are Finnish time, UTC+2 (summertime UTC+3).

You can also play VirtuO Events from the past seasons if your character has a valid VIP Pass. One free VIP Pass for season 2012-13 is included into your Suunnistussimulattori 2.o International purchase. You can claim your free VIP Pass here. If you want to buy more VIP Passes, please visit Suunnistussimulaattori Store.

With Suunnistussimulaattori International you also have access to Training Zone and Retro Zone. You can play these training events with fixed characters too but you need a licensed character if you want to submit your result and route to the server.

To play online events do following:

  1. Select a (licensed) character you want to play with.
  2. Select online gaming area from File menu.
  3. Select an event you want to play, competition instructions opens.
  4. Download event files.
  5. Click play.

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Technical support

Error reporting

This important functionality helps Suunnistussimulaattori to improve the quality of the service. Select Help | Technical support | Error report from the main menu of the game.

Error report always includes following information

  1. Report timestamp
  2. Unique report id
  3. Sender name and email address
  4. Suunnistussimulaattori version
  5. Suunnistussimulaattori activation key
  6. Free error description

System information if selected to include (default)

  1. Suunnistussimulaattori settings
  2. Processor (CPU) count, manufacturer, model  and clock frequency
  3. Motherboard name, model, manufacturer, description, product and serial number (if these information is available)
  4. Amount of RAM
  5. Operating system name, version, date and installation folder
  6. Graphic cards amount, names, amounts of VRAM, descriptions, driver versions and dates and driver file name
  7. OpenGL version, vendor, processor and extensions
  8. Content of Suunnistussimulaattori log files "trace.txt" and "err.txt"

System analysis 

With this function you can check if your system meets minumum basic requirements of Suunnistussimulaattori. Select Help | Technical support | System analysis from the main menu of the game.

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System requirements

Suunnistussimulaattori has rather large and detailed terrains with lots of different terrain textures, trees, vegetation and other objects. So it also has quite remarkable requirements for computer system too. It is highly recommended to adjust game settings suitable for your machine if the default settings are too heavy to your system.

Current version of Suunnistussimulaattori has been developed with following systems:

  • Dell Latitude D830 laptop with Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit operating system, Intel Core2 Duo T7700 2.4GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, nVidia Quatro NVS 140M craphics controller with 256 MB VRAM. With this computer Suunnistussimulaattori is quite playable, Windows 7 offers much better performance.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T510 laptop with Windows 7 64-bit operating system, Intel Core i7 M620 2,67 GHz dualcore CPU, 8 GB RAM, nVidia NVS 3100M graphics controller 512 MB VRAM. This runs the simulator quite well :-)

In addition, to the testing has been used for more than ten years old, with two Intel Xeon processor and 2 GB of memory-equipped desktop computer. It hs Asus AH 4650 AGP 8x graphics card (old and cheap) with ATI Radeon 1 GB VRAM GPU. Operating system is Windows 7 32-bit. It is suprising that this machine can also run Suunnistussimulattori with quite playable fps.

Minimum system requirements


  • ~2 GHz processor with SSE-instruction set (see 'Supported processors' )
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 10 GB free HDD

NOTE! With a computer barely meeting the minimum requirements you can play the game only with minimum settings. Heavier terraing may be unplayable.

Suported processors

  • Processors with SSE- or SSE2 -instruction set

Display adapter and drivers

  • GeForce2 or better, VRAM at least 32 MB (128 MB or more recommended).
  • OpenGL 1.4 drivers (please use the latest display drivers of your display adapter)
  • NOTE! There are serious performance and compability issues with computers based on Intel graphics chipsets (for example Intel Mobile 855, 945, 965 and 4 Express, Intel(R) Q45/Q43 Express, ...). The game is most likely not going to work on machines with those chipsets.
  • Today there is a fix for ATI cards that is also included to downloadable versions. NOTE! All available screen resolutions of the game might not work with Radeon based graphics adapters. But it is also known that some Radeon graphics cards works with Suunnistussimulaattori just as well as nVidia cards do. See FAQ 8.3 for more information.
  • List of display modes that are working with a ATI Radeon HD 4650 GPU:
    • 800x600, 1152x864, 960x600, 1152x720, 1366x768, 1440x900, 1440x960, 1600x900, 1600x1024, 1680x1050, 1728x1080, 1920x1080

Operating system

  • Windows XP SP2
  • Windows Vista 32- and 64-bit
  • Windows 7 32- and 64-bit (recommended)
  • Windows 8 32- and 64-bit
  • Windows 10
NOTE! You need to install OEM display drivers, like nVidia or ATI with Windows Vista and Windows 7/8+ operating systems.

Other software

Recommended system

  • dual or quad core CPU @ 2.4 GHz
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Windows 8+
  • graphics card designed for gaming, video RAM 512 MB or more
  • over 25 GB of free HDD space

the main menu of the game.

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For troubleshooting, please read Orienteering Simulator - Suunnistussimulaattori FAQ.

For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
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