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FAQ Print
Sunday, 30 December 2012

0. Is there an English version of Suunnistussimulaattori available?

Yes there is! You can purchase English version of Suunnistussimulaattori from Suunnistussimulaattori Store. The English version of the game is called Orienteering Simulator - Suunnistussimulaattori International. Before you buy the full version of the game it is highly recommended to evaluate the demo version of the game and ensure that the game works properly on your computer system.

1. You can not install

1.1 "The setup files are corrupted"

This problem is confronted with slow internet connections. Do not run the installation directly from the network, but download the installation file to your computer completely and install it by double-clicking on the installation file. If the installation fails again, try to download the installation program again. If the same happens, please contact us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it to get a direct link to download the program.

1.2 "Data File failed, error code 5 Access id denied."

Probably Suunnistussimulaattori or any part of it is already running. Close Suunnistussimulaattori and run the installer again. If not successful, reboot the machine and then run the installation.

1.3 Virus or other malware detection during installation

See section 4.

2. You didn't get the delivery of Suunnistussimulaattori via email

If you have purchased Suunnistussimulaattori International, please check your junk mailbox. If the delivery email is not there, send an email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

3. You didn't get the activation key via email

If you purchased the international version, the activation key is included in to your delivery email. If you are using the Finnish version, the activation request re-making does not help the situation. Please check your junk mailbox. If the activation email is not there, send an email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

4. Suunnistussimulaattori has a trojan, virus or other malicious software

Suunnistussimulaattori files and installation packages have been checked qith enterprise level anti-virus software for malware. Suunnistussimulaattori available for download from the server is free of viruses, Trojans and other malicious software. However, some anti-virus programs provide notices of malware, read more about this here. There is also an article Seven antivirus software tested, that is useful to read.

If you get any kind of malware detection, please contact Suunnistussimulaattori, because we can get rid of these by informing the antivirus software vendor about false-positive detections. This has already happened with Avast, AVG, F-Secure and Symantec/Norton.

5. Lost activation key, license number or security token

This information has been sent to you by email. If you never received that information, or you have already deleted the email messages, you can query the information using your email address here.

6. What is a sponsor version, a VIP Pass or an equipment package?

This questions are answered in the Suunnistussimulaattori Store.

7. Lost Suunnistussimulaattori International version download link

You can purchase Suunnistussimulattori International version from Suunnistussimulaattori Store. If you have already purchased it and you have lost the International sponsor status and download link, you can ask for the download link by giving your email address here.

8. The "Simulator error (-1000)"

In practice, all simulator errors due to issues related to the display drivers. Listed below are the reasons, which cover more than 95% of the reported errors.

8.1 Intel graphics

Intel video cards are not supported (although some low display resolutions may work). You should try modest game settings and a low screen resolution.

8.2 Intel and nVidia / ATI/AMD/Radeon HD Video Card

Some - mostly laptops - computers may have two graphics cards. In general, the other is an Intel-based motherboard integrated graphics, and the other is so-called improved performance graphics card. Read an article written for the solution here.

8.3 ATI/AMD/Radeon HD Graphics Card

Radeon GPUs have compatibility problems with the OpenGL interface, which is used in Suunnistussimulattori implementation too. All display modes may not work. Suunnistussimulaattori is still looking for a solution to this very irritating problem. There is also Radeon cards that works with Suunnistussimulaattori just as well as the NVIDIA cards. For example AMD Radeon HD 7450M driver version 8.9. Hardware requirements will give information on screen resolutions ATI Radeon HD 4650 card works with.

There is a possible solution to this problem. At least it solved this issue with a Radeon HD 4650 card. Download fix (please read the instructions on download page first) here. NOTE! The fix is included to currently downloadable versions of the game.

9. "loadlibrary failed with error 998: invalid access to memory location"

You have an ATI/AMD graphics card (see 8.3). You can do the following steps:

9.1 Rename file C:\Program Files (x86)\Pulssit\Suunnistussimulaattori\2.0\bin\atioglxx.dll to another name or remove it

9.2 From the game settings (Edit | Settings) set screen resolution to 800x600

9.3 Try to start the game

9.4 If number 9.3 was successful, try to find a suitable resolution for you

10. OpenGL driver version too small (1.x)

See 8.2, system has loaded primary graphics controller, Intel, drivers. Or your graphics controller drivers are just too old.But that is a rare case, more likely you have corrupted drivers. In both cases, please install new graphics drivers.

11. What is a cookie and how to get one?

Find out from Suunnistussimulaattori Store. Cookies are used to deliver a VIP Pass and a gear pack to a virtual orienteer character. Once you have purchased a VIP Pass, you can access it in virtual orienteer character maintenance by clicking "Get cookie".

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