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Championships 2015 Print
Wednesday, 18 March 2015
Virtual Orienteering
Championships 2015
Juomakivenrahka, Marttila, Finland
21st-27th March 2015

The year 2015 Virtual Orienteering Championships race is middle distance race and will be held in the terrain of Juomakivenrahka, Marttila, Finland (location). Competition has increased ranking value (6%).


There are two very large marshes on the competition area, Juomakivenrahka and Orhijoenrahka. The hills around the marshes are mostly open rock and partly very small detailed. Some parts of the hills are very stony. But the terrain is still fast to run.

Trees on the top of the hills are mostly pine and the forest is quire sparse so the visibility is good. But between the hills there are some wetlands and spruce thickets with quite low visibility.

Height differences on the competition area are very modest, that's why the competition map contour interval is only 2,5 meters.



Thanks to the map maker and the map copyright owner for the possibility to use this map with Virtual Orienteering Championships. 

Welcome to Juomakivenrahka!
Orienteering Simulator - Suunnistussimulaattori

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